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Iness Rychlik is a Polish-born photographer and filmmaker with a particular interest in historical drama. Despite her severe myopia, she has been dedicated to visual storytelling for over a decade.
Rychlik is recognised for her dark feminine erotica, which has been awarded and exhibited all around the world. She is fascinated by the idea of conveying sexuality and cruelty in a subtle evocative way. Her conceptual self-portraits provoke the viewer’s imagination, rather than satisfy it.

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Erotic inspiration on Saturday – Cristóbal López

Illustrator Cristóbal López revives the most sinful fantasies of the most mysterious figure in the history of occultism, Baphomet. Baphomet is a mysterious figure with the head of a goat – a symbol of duality and dichotomy of the world. Later, however, he became a synonym for the devil in human consciousness. The artist here appreciates the magical relationship between man and divinity: the dramatic and sinister treatment of man as an object. His works are full of pornography, accented with a strong line and only three colors. They are very expressive and emotional.

diabolical erotica

Sex with the devil

erotic art

erotic illustration

A woman with a goat's head

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