Extended License

Your acceptance of License Agreement is an absolute condition of using any products (Content) shared on naviculus.pl/en Website.

This Agreement is concluded between Agnieszka Niechciał (Author) and User (downloading without exclusive right) who downloads Content, as defined below, from naviculus.pl/en Website.

User may not allow any third party to use his unique User name or password. User declares that is at least 18 years of age.

For the purpose of this Agreement “Content” is defined as any painting, illustration, photography, graphic work or drawing owned by Author and available for download on naviculus.pl/en. Author does not waive his copyright, property rights or intellectual property rights.

User confirms that has read, understood and accepted terms and conditions of this Agreement and has agreed to abide by those conditions by downloading any of the Content from the Website.

Author declares that holds all the rights and all required authorizations including copyright and shares Content according to conditions of this Agreement.

None of the works shared on the website is encumbered with third party property rights.

User acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement concerns commercial use of downloaded by him Content. User also agrees to restrictions arising from this Agreement and that it refers to all Content downloaded subject to Extended License.

Terms and Conditions of Content use according to Extended License Agreement:

Subject to the terms of this Agreement Author grants User non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use, reproduce, publish, display and spread Content according to conditions defined below.

License is worldwide and perpetual.

Content may be used for all commercial purposes but may not be transferred for such purposes to any third party.

Agreement allows to use, reproduce and publish Content – with no possibility of modification – (scaling, change of file format
and changing colors does not constitute modification) within unlimited period of time on permissible media, in the areas including:

  1. websites, stores and blogs
  2. electronic documents and reports
  3. multimedia presentations (Powerpoint, Flash etc.)
  4. online advertising and promotional materials
  5. advertising and promotional materials in magazines, newspapers, on billboards, in points of sales etc.
  6. all printed materials (books, posters, postcards, occasional cards, calendars, stickers etc.)
  7. other materials for sale (mugs, stationery, T-shirts, puzzles etc.)
  8. films, video materials on TV or in internet
  9. graphic elements on packages
  10. graphic patterns for resale (software, computer applications, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows / Linux applications etc.)
  11. All other products for resale.

User quarantees that he shall not:

  1. Sublicense, sell, give or convey any rights included in this Agreement; sell Content (including modified Content) as separate files or part of on-line data base, or any other data base as well as derivative products including Content in the way that enables third party to download, separate or access Content as an independent file.
  2. Use, reproduce, distribute or publish Content (including, without limitations, other co-authors compositions containing Content) in any slanderous, defamatory, insulting or inappropriate way. User may not take part in any activity connected with Content which might break any law, regulation or act in applicable jurisdiction.

User agrees that Author shall not be liable for any damages whether direct, incidental, indirect or consequential arising from any use or not using the Content.

User acknowledges downloading Content with no exclusive right and that the same work may be used also by other Users.

User understands that Content is delivered “as is” and has no claims as to the Content downloaded.

In case of breach by Licensee (User) terms of this Agreement or copyright infringement Licensor (Author) reserves the right to claim damages from Licensee.

In matters not regulated by this Agreement provisions of Polish Civil Code and copyright shall apply.

Please contact the Author in case you wish to purchase exclusive rights to any graphic work / illustration / photography:
tel. +48 884 699 007
e-mail: aga@naviculus.pl

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